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    We understand our clients
    The key challenges for regulatory reporting are data management and subject matter expertise within an environment where the regulatory landscapes, as well as internal systems, processes and procedures are continuously evolving.
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    Regulatory Reporting
    Today, financial institutions are confronted by more assertive regulators as well as wider and more intrusive rules.
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    Reporting & Analytics
    Data-driven platform enables banks to successfully comply with regulatory requirements and strengthen audit outcomes.


  • E-FINGOV is a platform that can be used to integrate multi-various disparate systems by acting as a middleware to generate interface data/messages.

  • E-FINGOV securely deployed on cloud, banks/financial institutions are relieved of the burden and distraction of owning and operating complex hardware and software infrastructures and become more agile and innovative.

  • E-FINGOV has a robust reporting engine which makes it easy to define several complex reports in minutes.

  • E-FINGOV has a single consolidated data source to ensure accuracy and consistency.

  • E-FINGOV supports risk, compliance, statistical, operational, treasury and all types of users reports.

  • E-FINGOV platform is not just a reporting tool to generate reports alone.


Source Data

Efficient and flexible in-built Data extraction tools to extract data from any core (Banking) system and related systems.


Errors from source data identified can be corrected manually within E-FINGOV under four-eye control principles


Easy to define any new report – independent of the back-end system restrictions - almost on demand and in quick time

Report Submission

Automated electronic submission of Regulatory report using Standard Business Reporting (SBR/XML) or delimited files or XL Format.


User Access level defined through a group access profile; uses Single Sign on (SSO) authentication.


Browser based multi-tasking user interface and cloud hosted. Mobile phone friendly. AWS/Azure hosted solution or SaaS.

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We Make It Easy

E-FINGOV has lot of inbuilt functionalities to handle requirements which are not handled by banking core systems. Some of them:

Cash flow based on maturity/rollover of principal & interest payments and interest refixing. This will be used for cash flow position monitoring purposes.

Appropriation of revenue by Syndication loans Lead banks to the other member banks based on funded & Non-funded participation basis.

Charging customers for the undrawn commitments. Sharing income from sources like Nostro accounts to various profit centres while calculating the customer net income from various activities/transactions.