Communities We Serve

  • Banks
  • Treasury Dealers
  • Commodity Trading
  • Private Banking
  • Investment Management

Areas addressed

  • Those who do the process manually or those not fully automated.
  • Reporting to Regulators, compliance authorities, Head office for control purposes
  • Compilation of data for TOP management for decision making with or without Dashboard.
  • Repeated time-consuming process which involves substantial time and human resources for preparation or extraction from sources and delivery to the target users.
  • Reuse the control related report data for MIS reporting for data consistency.
  • Extraction of data from legacy systems, multiple product systems due to inefficient Core systems.
  • Lacking Interface facilities for upstream and downstream systems.
  • Need to connect to third party data providers like MTM, FX RATES, etc.
  • Need for providing client access points.
  • Existing reporting system do not have enough capabilities to handle dynamic or new requirements. Adding a New report is a time-consuming process.
  • No end-to-end automated process for the existing reporting system.
  • Change of core or other product systems may end-up with changing reporting system.
  • Multiple instances of Reporting solutions for each unit/branch at multiple places.
  • Dependency on vendor/IT team to handle errors / rerun process.