E-FINGOV Training strives to enable its clients with the knowledge and know-how to utilize E-FINGOV to successfully achieve their risk and regulatory requirements, and to be able to adapt quickly to change.

In recognition of the fact that each client’s experience and needs are unique, its approach is client-focused and flexible. As such, the programs align with each user community’s function, functional level, and access profiles.

Provides clients with the knowledge and know-how to successfully utilize E-FINGOV to achieve risk and regulatory compliance.

The need to manage an ever-increasing data set for risk and regulatory reporting across multiple legal entities is a complex, ongoing task.

E-FINGOV data integrity and control platform enables firms to address myriad complex risk and regulatory requirements from a single platform.

Is the internal team prepared to teach users an array of topics? Including:

  • Understanding the E-FINGOV ecosystem
  • Configuring and navigating
  • Accessing and analysing underlying data
  • Managing submission

To utilize E-FINGOV platform and solutions in the most efficient way possible, firms need to consider the following:

  • Can our users leverage the platform’s capabilities to create requested management reports?
  • Is our IT department fully prepared to manage E-FINGOV administration, configuration, and maintenance?
  • Are our users prepared to respond to business questions related to a specific report?
  • Are we able to onboard and configure regulatory changes as they occur?

Program type

  • User Program: 1 day
  • Functional Level Program: 3-5 days
  • Technical Support Program: 2 days