Success Story


Case Studies

  • A Cross-Report Validation case Story

    In the increasingly complex, interrelated regulatory arena, financial institutions must submit correct data for individual reports and connect the dots between and among reports. To accomplish this, they must wrangle data from different lines of business at various levels of granularity and consolidation and make that data correctly land in multiple regulatory reports – with accuracy and consistency that stands up to intense regulatory and audit scrutiny for reconciliation.

    Working closely with clients, E-FINGOV recognized the extent of reconciliation challenges. Leveraging its deep knowledge of these complex reports, the team quickly identified the reconciliation points and created a new application to address these reporting obstacles.

    With Cross-Report Reconciliation, clients were able to resolve regulatory matters related to new MAS610/1003 reconciliation and establish an efficient, automated process to ensure ongoing compliance

  • Customer Master data

    While automating one of our clients (bank) we had a challenge to get quality data from their core system. This was due to fact the bank had just migrated to a newer Core system. Most of client data were missing under the newer core system after migration from the old core system.

    This was a serious challenge as most of the reporting revolve around demographic parameters of customer data. This was since basic customer master data from old system has been moved to a perfect CRM module for the customer data under the new core system.

    A reconciliation tool was developed to expose the GAP and as a stop gap arrangement, a data table was created under E-FINGOV to hold the missing customer details under the CRM. This ad hoc table was dropped after CRM system was upgraded with missing data.

  • Trade finance data migration

    Trade finance transactions were migrated from a specific trade system to the new core system and many of the data needed for reporting were missing in the migrated system due to limitations of the new target system.

    This was a serious challenge while implementing our E-FINGOV for reporting. As did for customer data, a separate data table was created under E-FINGOV to hold missing data for each of the transaction. While reporting E-FINGOV will look for the GAP data under the ad hoc table and if It was there, it would be taken otherwise the E-FINGOV will look under the new core system tables.

    Since all the new Trade finance transaction were booked with complete data details for reporting, the ad hoc table was removed over time. The transition was so dynamic, there were no missing details for any of the report.

  • Multiple products booked under same GL Account

    Since the GL account codes use 2 characters Alpha, due to want of new account codes (limitation), more than one product was booked under a single GL account code.

    Since each of those codes are reported separately under different rows under MAS reporting, there was a need to separate the booking according to the reporting requirement.

    E-FINGOV has a module to handle such customer exceptions where customers are booked under the module as exceptions for other customers (product) to segregate the 2 product customers seamlessly.